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Plan a Locally Sourced Event or Wedding

This option is new for 2016.  I have always wanted to use locally sourced flowers from right here in Sonoma County to create the floral designs for the entire wedding or event instead of making a trip to the San Francisco Flower Market.  This option is perfect for the bride with a very specific budget who is open to letting me choose the flowers and colors to be used, based on what is grown locally and is in season.  It is also ideal for smaller corporate events and rehearsal dinners, again where you are open to letting me choose the flowers and colors for the event.


If you choose to have a completely locally sourced event here in Sonoma or Napa counties, there is an event minimum of $500 rather than $2500 required when exact flowers are specified for an event and a custom buying trip to the San Francisco Flower Market is required.


The individual prices for designs are the same as the regular price list.  So the pricing you want must be realistic.  Such as if you want 10 center pieces, 5 brides maids’ bouquets, a bride’s bouquet and 6 boutonnières you would not have a $500 event.  Please see price list for starting and average prices for individual designs.  By adding up the individual costs of all the designs you want, it is easy to see realistically what the approximate total cost would be.  Please note that delivery and set up charges are always based on distance to the venue, time spent on site for set up and if pick up of rental equipment or breakdown at the end of the event or the next day is required.


Here is a check list to determine if this option can work for your wedding or event.  If the answer is yes to all of these, then this option can work for your wedding or event.

Your event is in the months of April to November, our outdoor growing season here in Sonoma County.

You are completely comfortable in letting me choose the flowers and colors, as locally grown crop changes with the seasons and not all flowers and all colors are available at all times.

You do not have strong dislikes for certain types of flowers.  Such as, “I do not like roses or dahlias.”  In some seasons one type of flower may be the most abundant flower grown and needed to make the most of locally grown crop.

Your event has a very rustic, casual and natural theme.  Locally grown flowers tend to be wildflower or country garden varieties.  Of course there are a few exceptions such as garden roses and hydrangea that bring in elegant and lush elements to floral designs.  When these are in season locally, I use them if their cost fits with your budget.

Your event is in our delivery area of Sonoma or Napa County.  (Please see the map below for the areas of Sonoma and Napa counties that we deliver to.  There are outlying areas of both counties that we do not travel to, including some Sonoma County coastal regions and eastern and far northern sections of Napa County.)


This option is not a good fit for your event if you answer yes to either of the following.

I must have certain flowers or certain colors.  Such as, “I must have peonies in my bouquet.”

I have a Pinterest Board or photos of the designs I want.  And the designs must look like those in my photos.


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