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2016 Season

As I look forward to the 2016 season, I am making a few important changes.  In past years, I have done up to thirty weddings.  Going forward I find that I am working on various projects from writing, creating wearable art and recycled fashion to photography and larger scale Hanna Kubari floral installations.  Going forward I will be doing 15 weddings per year.  But be assured, I will always give the same personal attention to each bride and each wedding, as I have in past years.

Over the past 20 years there have been many changes affecting the business of floral design and weddings in particular.  On line media has exploded, giving us access to an unlimited number of images and ideas.  What I want to pass on to future clients is this:  not everything you see or read is necessarily true.  I see many staged photo shoots, using flowers and materials that could not possibly hold up as used for a real wedding in the hot weather of California wine country.  I see photoshopped images of flowers and natural materials that are not their real colors.  And I see a lot of misinformation about types of flowers, pricing and availability.  Whether or not you choose Lavender for your wedding floral design, I will always make myself available to answer your e-mail questions and inquiries truthfully and provide practical and honest advice and opinions.

Nature is the reason I began my career in floral design.  It really does not matter what natural materials are being used or in what combination.  What matters most to me is that their natural shapes, colors and textures are being honored and represented in the design.  If you like what you see in my design galleries, then we are most likely a good fit.  If the designs you like tend to be very stylized and shaped with the use of lots of floral foam, or dyes and spray paint are required for the designs you like, we are most likely not a good fit.

I do the consultation process a bit differently than some other designers.  I do not charge for the initial consultation or price quote.  This can include up to 2 hours of in person, phone and/ or e-mail consultation time.  But, I also do not prepare detailed typed documents in what I offer at no charge.  If your consultation is in person, you will receive a photo copy of a handwritten document, listing all designs discussed with pricing.  If your consultation is by phone or e-mail, you will receive an e-mail listing all designs discussed and with pricing.  Either way, options and alternate pricing can be included at various price points for you to choose from.  Once you book, make the deposit and the date is yours, I prepare a very detailed description and pricing document.  This document can be revised as many times as you want.  This document is then finalized about 3 weeks before your date, but then again I will always make any last minute changes that are needed.  This is not a signed contract, as past experience has shown me that anywhere from three to ten revisions are required before the plan is finalized and requiring signatures each time this is done, takes valuable time away from actually working on each wedding.

The cost of flowers and the cost of energy to run a cooler and maintain vehicles have increased steadily over the years.  I do all the floral work myself and do not hire other designers or assistants.  I do this to control the quality of my work, but also to maintain lower prices.  This is also the reason I do not prepare detailed, typed bids, or participate in competitive bidding processes.  When other designers do this, they are building that labor cost into the bottom line pricing they charge you and other clients they book or charge you by the hour for this service.  By not doing this, I can focus my labor on floral design and providing the fairest price for the actual design, and providing typed detailed documents and revisions exclusively for the clients I have booked.  This is the part of pricing I can control, unlike flower and energy costs.



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