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Pricing and Payment

I will work with you to create your dream within your budget. A beautiful event or wedding does not have to have an extravagant price tag. It is very difficult to nail down price without a consultation. But, because so many prospective clients have asked for a price list, I have come up with a price list that will answer the question, "Can this be done within my budget?"

This price list has a starting price for the most commonly requested designs and an average price range that most designs fall within.

I also have a variety of rental props. There is an arch, three chuppa styles, four pillar styles, several styles of stands, large urns and vases, candelabras, and many styles of centerpiece and small size containers.

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Some helpful ideas

If you are on a budget, choose the colors, not the exact flowers you want. This will allow me to buy the best flowers in season for your look. I never use carnations or chrysanthemums, unless you ask me to. Although both of these flowers have received some "bad press", they can be very beautiful if used to their best advantage. Note that many of our fall arrangements have used chrysanthemums. Carnations are lovely when massed together or used with roses.

If you have your heart set on certain flowers you can probably have them, but you must remember some prices increase as much as three or four times, when out of season. Weddings the week of Valentines day can be almost twice as expensive as at other times of the year. The wholesale price of roses and many other flowers double at this time.





Phone and in person consultation is free. We will meet for an hour and a half, and you will receive a handwritten estimate listing what we have discussed and approximate pricing. If you would then like to book the date, the deposit is $500.00.  This will include a site visit, if I have not worked at your venue.  After you have booked the date and made a deposit to hold the date, I will prepare a flower details and pricing document that lists and describes everything in detail.  It can also list various design and pricing options for you to choose from.  This then becomes a working document that will be finalized before your event.   I will only do one wedding per weekend, so it is best to save the date as soon as possible.  Weekends book up fast in summer and fall


We accept most credit cards. Your card will be charged one week before the event. Please note, we no longer accept checks.



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